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Exploring Our 5 Senses

Get ready for an adventure through Our 5 Senses with your own little explorer! It’s a sensory experience that promotes body awareness and belly laughter!

Start by “waking up” each sense. Toddlers love this one!
– Blink your eyes awake to see
– Wiggle your ears awake to hear
– Tap your nose awake to smell
– Stick your tongue out to taste
– Wiggle your fingers ready to touch

SEE: Start a game of Eye Spy. You can spy colors or shapes for bigger kids, or objects for littles to find.
HEAR: Play your favorite tunes with some pauses/freezes thrown in. Maybe a magic motion makes the music sound turn back on!
SMELL: Experiment with kitchen spices for bigger kids, or with aromatherapy spray for littles.
TASTE: Use your citrus fruits. A lemon slice & a clementine slice may look similar, but they certainly taste very different!
TOUCH: Explore what you already have in the house! Tin foil can be bumpy, plastic wrap feels smooth, tape is sticky, and cotton balls are soft.

The Zany Animal Zoo!

I’m Megan Manzi, here to share tips on engaging your kiddos at home using everyday, household items with a bit of imagination! You know all those plastic animal figures you keep stepping on? Time to put them to work in this week’s activity… Welcome to “The Zany Animal Zoo!”

First have your toddler sort the animals. This is a great time to work on reinforcing colors and size. I love to sort the animals into two groups, big versus small, and then encourage my toddler friends to place them in size order from biggest to smallest. For an added challenge, separate the animals in different corners depending on where they live — sky, sea, or land.

Next, color the animals’ feet with washable paint or stamp pads. Have them hop, race, and gallop across a piece of paper. Look at how each animal’s tracks look different! For more messy fun, paint the entire animal figure a wild color. A bright purple duck is even more fun than a yellow one.

Finally, it’s time to give our zany zoo animals a bath! A sponge, water, and some soap will keep toddlers happy for quite a while. Take this time to review body parts. Guide your toddler to sponge off the plastic horses’ back, maybe even his hooves, etc. Best part is, our toddler has had a fun filled, educating activity and done most of the clean up themselves!