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Spring Cleaning In A Snap!

As an expectant mama-to-be, I’ve been obsessing over getting my house clean for the new babe’s arrival! But add on top of that, a newfound paranoia about the the type of cleaning supplies being used. So I starting asking more experienced Moms what to do to get my Spring cleaning done in a snap, using the best products for me and the baby. One name kept coming up, Homejoy.

Homejoy is a new cleaning service made especially for busy moms. So I decided to give it a whirl. Homejoy’s simple, speedy booking system (I did it on my phone!) instantly matches you with verified, rigorously screened cleaning professionals. I was also happy to find out that I could request non-toxic cleaning supplies or even provide my own.

The cleaning team that came to my place was awesome. They didn’t leave until the house was in perfect condition from top to bottom (I could get used to this!) and they did it all with a smile. They even talked to me about easy ways to keep things tidy between their visits. Plus they shared areas to focus on keeping spick and span for babies and toddlers. (i.e.: Clean floors are a mama must since little explorers will always find something icky to eat off them.)

I started thinking how a session with Homejoy could be the perfect, out of the box baby gift for my equally preggers girlfriend, as well as for my friend who has a newborn AND a toddler to run around after. The only downfall is that it’s certainly addictive. Who knew the grout between my tiles could get so sparkly white? Go to and claim $25 discount on your first appointment (or simply type in “SoCalMoms” at check out). Happy Spring!


Cleaner Crafting With Kids

There’s no denying little ones bring a lot of messy mayhem wherever they go! But fear not Mom, we’ve got your back! We’re here to share our best tricks for Cleaner Crafting With Kids! This way you can have all the fun with none of the fear!

1. Create a designated art area. It can even be outdoors. If you are worried about the floor, a tarp or large plastic table cover will help keep the ground spot free. This visual marker also helps kids clearly see where they can and can’t go with art supplies.

2. Cover the table. Yup, the entire thing. A cheap roll of butcher or craft paper will save you lots of time post-crafting. No need to scrub a table down that’s been covered beforehand. An added bonus is that the table itself can even become a mural to decorate!

3. Washable supplies only! Every marker, paint, and glue stick must be totally washable to ensure an easy clean up. Their colors may be slightly less vibrant than their non-washable counterparts, but everyone will be happy when little hands get clean after just the first wash.

4. Use clear plastic bins. This way even tots who can’t read labels will be able to help with the post-art clean up routine. Clear bins keep cleaning up simple, and make losing things a lot harder.

5. Keep things in arms reach. And this doesn’t just apply to supplies, I’d say its just as important of a rule for rags, baby wipes, and paper towels too. A quick hand will stop a mess right in it’s tracks!

6. Schedule accordingly. I like to say A before B, so Art before Bath. Craft dates are best set for times when you don’t have anywhere to be immediately afterwards. No one has time to stop midday to wash glue out of a toddler’s ponytail. So keep art before bath time, and keep your sanity in tact! Now happy crafting!

Butterfly Baggies

In a moment of babysitting desperation, I mean genius, The Butterfly Baggy was born!

Tiny game pieces were everywhere and a bitty sibling (with a tendency to eat everything inedible) was about to wake up. So I said to my toddler pal, “If you help me put the pieces into these little baggies, they will turn into butterflies!” You’ve never seen little hands clean so fast!

Butterfly baggies often take flight with barbie shoes, legos, caps, beads, and coins. But really any small objects you want to gather will do. We added loose stickers to ours here to give her extra pizazz.

Just add a pipe cleaner antennae and kids of all ages will love to see what tiny treasures they can find for their butterfly’s wings. Cleaning up has it’s perks!

Keeping Toys Contained

When the cuteness has turned to clutter, and the toy piles are bigger than your toddler herself, it’s time to give our list a gander. Here are our top tips for “Keeping Toys Contained!”

1. Clean house. If your kiddo has more things than actually fit in his room, you won’t stand a chance of getting the mess tamed. So take a few hours to remove the toys that aren’t developmentally challenging for him anymore. Donate the outdated ones at a local charity.

2. Make the old new again! The toys that haven’t been used in a while, but are too hard to part with can make for a great rainy day activity bin. So pack them away for a few months, and when boredom kicks in, they can make a reappearance.

3. Get the low down. If you kneel to see whats actually at your tot’s eye level, you’ll be able to place her favorite things in reaching distance. Then pack smaller, less used items high above.

4. Invest in clarity. A few see through bins will make all the difference when it comes to clean up time. Once you’ve got things organized, you’ll see what size containers you’ll need to purchase. And everyone will be able to clean up if they can clearly see what lives inside.

5. Squeaky routine! Changes take time, but you can solidify new patterns of behavior more quickly by making them part of your every day routine. So maybe a 10 minute clean up can become part of your bedtime ritual. Goodnight clutter means good morning peace!