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Constellation Creation!

We’ve been doing a lot of star gazing lately. Late Summer skies have us in awe of nature’s evening masterpieces. So we decided to make our very own CONSTELLATION CREATIONS!

All you’ll need is: black construction paper, chalk, tin foil, and glue.

To start, tear little pieces of tin foil for your little to explore. Let them admire the shiny, smooth texture of this new craft material. Then encourage little hands to roll them into shining stars.

Next, plot and plan where on your night sky (black construction paper) to place your twinkling foils. Can your little add some to the top left and right of the page? Bigger kids will love to place them so they create a larger picture/shape. Glue each down.

Give the glue a few minutes to set. Count your stars from afar. A couple off key rounds of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” kept us waiting patiently.

Finally, use your chalk to connect the dots. Now your CONSTELLATION CREATION is complete!

Making Mud!

Bear Masks

When art feels too structured, it can lose appeal to kiddos. But even crafting’s toughest little critics will usually jump at the chance to make “mud!”

All you’ll need is brown finger paint and Italian bread crumbs. Use a paint brush to slather on the dirt, or dig your hands in to make it a sensory experience.

We painted some Creatology bear masks with our “mud,” but painting hand drawn animals is just as fun. Or make use of that stack of coloring pages by getting the characters muddy after a long adventure!

Making mud becomes even more popular when you switch out your materials for sweeter ones. Try using chocolate pudding and crushed cookies the same way for an artsy dirt dessert!

Crabby Cuties!

When our favorite toddlers get cranky, it’s often boredom causing the meltdown. So next time your cutie gets crabby, have this simple craft handy. Meet our CRABBY CUTIES!

You’ll need: a half a paper plate, white & red construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons.

CUT: Bigger kids will love to cut their own plates and paper, but encourage littles to try too. Our red claws are heart shaped, while our white eyes are oval shaped.

COLOR: Simply have your kiddo color the paper plate half as the crab’s hard shelled body.

GLUE: Then glue your crab claws and eyes to the back of the plate. We added blue pupils and a crooked smile to make our Crabby Cutie friendlier.

PLAY: While your crafted cutie dries, practice your own crab walks! Sit down and reach your hands back, now lift your belly button up to the sky. Try walking using your feet and hands as claws. And did you know most crabs walk sideways? Try crab walking side to side too!

Once little hands and bodies are kept busy, the crabbiness washes away and the cuteness comes out to play!

A Crown For All Seasons

Sometimes we find a craft idea that just keeps on giving! This pack of paper crowns has kept our toddlers’ attention for more than a few afternoons. Because why just make one, when you can make A CROWN FOR ALL SEASONS?!

We used Creatology’s Crown Paper Shapes. 6 regal crowns for $3 seemed like a steal. But you can also make your own with extra card stock. There are lots of sample templates online. Just get your scissors ready!

Paint was not an option for our tots who were antsy to wear their latest crown creations. So we stuck to markers, stamp pads, glitter, gems, and stickers. Less drying time means more play time!

We took lots of care choosing which stickers would make for a perfect Summer crown. Baseballs and sparkly fish made the cut. While our pumpkin and football stickers were put aside for a later date.

Encourage kids to decorate their crowns to the fullest! Color the left, glitter the right, add gems to each of the arches at the top. Practice counting as you place each gem down. And don’t forget to let kids peel their own stickers. It’s fantastic fine motor skill practice. Even if you have to start the peel, let you little royal’s hands work hard to do the rest!

Tokens For Teacher!

The new school year is already upon us! It’s a bit bittersweet, but parents aren’t the only grown ups guiding their kiddos anymore. Teachers have become stars in their every day lives as well. Now is the perfect time to encourage your little one to show his or her appreciation with TOKENS FOR TEACHER!

1. Nothing is as sweet as a handmade card. Your little Picasso can decorate the cover with a portrait of their new teacher. Translate a message from little ones who are still learning to write, and let them “sign” their name at the bottom.

2. A gift bag of healthy snacks, vitamins, mini tissues, and mints make for a great “Back To School Survival Kit!” He’ll think of you every time he opens his fully stocked desk drawer.

3. A bitty box of hand sanitizer, mini lotion, and nail polish will make her feel special. Include a manicure gift card for extra pizzazz. Write a message like “Hands Down, You’re The Best Teacher Around!”

4. Make some homemade goodies. It will make for a great after school activity for you and your little one, and a great after school treat for your favorite teacher. Include a message like, “You’re Making Me One Smart Cookie!”

5. A new mug for a new year filled with coffees and teas will invigorate any overworked teacher. He’ll feel jazzed every morning with this practical and perfect gift. Caffeinate to appreciate!

Under The Sea

It may be too hot to go outside, but we can bring the beach to you. Our UNDER THE SEA craft project is a crowd pleaser on these humid Summer days. When the weather gets this hot, try your hand at crayon resist art!

All you’ll need is: white paper, crayons, blue paint, a paintbrush, and some water.

1. Have your kiddo color things you find at the bottom of the ocean. Sand crabs, fish, and coral are just a few of our favorites to explore.

2. Mix a little bit of blue paint and water in a bowl to create your “ocean.”

3. Paint the “ocean” water over your coloring. Then watch as your friends from under the sea swim their way to the surface!

Easy Breezy Octopus

We’ve been obsessed with everything Ocean related since our first trip to the beach this Summer. If it swims, we want to explore it! After counting octopus tentacles for the umpteenth time, we decided to make our very own Easy Breezy Octopus!

1. Cut a paper plate in half and decorate the front to be your sea creature’s face. You can even talk about how octopus change colors to camouflage themselves with the color of their surroundings!

2. Count 8 leftover crepe paper party streamers together. What could you do if you had 8 hands?! Glue them to the back as silky tentacles.

3. Watch as your ocean critter floats around the house, tickling with her tentacles anything in her path!

Fingerprint Fruit Basket!

Scented stamp pads are our newest obsession! Bright, washable, and they smell delicious. The cherry red inspired our latest craft, the Fingerprint Fruit Basket!

Explore the different colors and sweet scents of the stamp pads. Which one is your favorite?

Cut or draw a big bowl to put your fingerprint fruit in. We made ours extra fancy with gemstone stickers and a glitter glue handle. The possibilities are endless!

Try using your fingers to make a bunch of grapes. Use a Qtip to add tiny blueberries. How about using the side of your fist to create a juicy peach? Markers helped us make a banana & our fruit feast complete!

Jammin’ Jellyfish

Get those paper lunch bags ready for more than a PBJ, it’s time you meet our JAMMIN’ JELLYFISH today! All you’ll need is a paper bag, scissors, and washable paint.

– Start by checking out photos of real life jellyfish. Examine all of the vibrant colors together for crafting inspiration!

– Cut the lower half of your paper bag into small strips. Bigger kids will love to practice their scissor skills on these stinging tentacles!

– Paint your jellyfish paper bag with multiple colors, swirling them together as you go. Littles will love getting their hands messy to create the silky, slimy texture!

– For a final touch, add some googly eyes and maybe even a jokester jellyfish smirk!

Our Beach Day Craft!

Our BEACH DAY CRAFT is here! Look up, look down, the beach has so much learning to offer!

What do you see up high in the sky? Glue some fluffy cotton ball clouds at the TOP of your page.

What do you see down low between your toes? Sprinkle on sand at the BOTTOM of your page.

Next we’ll need some shade! A coffee filter folded in half makes a perfect TOP to our sun umbrella. Watercolor it for even more fun in the sun.

Lastly, add a yummy popsicle stick at the BOTTOM for our umbrella stand. Look, you’ve created the sky, sea, and sand!