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Carly Falls In Love With FarmBox LA

We received our 1st FarmBox delivery on a Sunday morning. A friendly deliveryman who offered to help bring in the bags greeted us.  I was most excited to see what was inside. We received the Complete Meat and Seafood Farmbox along with extra family snacks. It was filled with every color of produce such as kale, tomatoes, half a dozen of eggs, the most delicious quart of fresh orange juice, an onion, fresh parsley, our kids favorite raw milk- Organic Pastures, and much more.

Our family favorites were the Dapple Dandy Pluots, which were immensely flavorful and beautiful in a purple color. The lemon cucumbers, which didn’t look to pretty but tasted like a perfect juicy cucumber was something, I’ve never seen or had before.  I love how FarmBox gives you recipes on how to use everything in your box and tells you the best way to store them. I learned a lot in this section.

FarmBox also re-uses all of the freezer cold packs and bags that stores your food. On your next delivery they collect your previous shipments waste, so you can save all your scraps and FarmBox will compost it and put them back into the earth to grow new food. How cool is that?  We have tried other fruit/veggie home and office delivery services and the nice thing about Farmbox is that no 2 boxes you receive will ever be the same.  Not to mention Farmbox is run and owned by women so just another perk that makes us love supporting this company.

Back to the box we received. We made a beautiful salad using the spring mixed greens, lemon cucumbers, fresh parsley, purple tequila peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, and the organic Haas avocados, so delicious. We made grilled cheese sandwiches for the family using the whole-wheat bran loaf of bread that was perfectly soft and the Spring Hill Jersey Cheese that we can buy at our local farmer’s market here in Studio City. There are many creative things to do with the food that came in our box and these were just a few simple yet tasty ideas.

We also used the recipe provided in the newsletter to cook the Broiled Halibut and potatoes. That was such a quick and super healthy dinner for the family. The fish is from Community Seafood that is caught wild not farmed from the Santa Barbara channel so you know you are eating local and fresh.

We also enjoyed some kid friendly snacks that are now a favorite in my house. The Ha’s Apple Farm’s Fruit Rolls, you’ll never want to buy these from the store again. They have a few different varities and we are going to need to try each one. The vegetable Root chips also taste like potato chips so they satisfy that salty craving but are healthier than your average chip because they are made from beets and sweet potato. The quality of food is worth the prices and we will be using our SoCal Moms coupon code to order again.

What’s nice is that FarmBox has great values and gives back to their community. With every delivery, they donate produce to a local non-profit that brings fruit and vegetables to low-income moms and families. Supporting local farmers means you get fresh, delicious food for your family and you keep your money in your community. It’s nice to know that the fruit is picked from the trees and arrives at FarmBox within 24 hours. It’s no wonder the food we got in our box tasted way fresher and than anything we buy from the market. Thanks FarmBox for such a fun way to learn about the food we buy and eat and helping us keep our families healthy and happy.


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