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Our CityMoms keep asking what gifts I found most helpful when my baby arrived this Summer. I was lucky and my crazy generous family showered me with everything the new babe could need! But there were a few gifts from my girlfriends that stuck out as being more for ME than little one, and those were huge lifesavers those first chaotic couple months! So here are my favorite GIFTS FOR THE POSTPARTUM MAMA! 


1. My Mama Strut!

It’s a wearable soft brace to help you heal post-delivery. I first heard about the Mama Strut from my midwives at the Del Mar Birth Center. They never recommend things, so I knew this had to be more than just a waist training corset. (Though I wasn’t opposed to a little help in the vanity department either!) I mostly used it for ice therapy to reduce pain and swelling. And the tight support is continuing to help my worn out, post-preggers hips! This is a must-have for the postpartum mama, regardless of how she gave birth.


2. An Udderly Hot Mama Nursing Top.

I felt like a hot mess with a newborn. I could no longer wear my pre-pregnancy clothes, but was determined to stop wearing my maternity garb ASAP. This top is soft, flattering, and best of all – is especially made for breastfeeding. The shirts all pull down for each nursing or pumping session. And they even have a removable flap which allows for more discreet breastfeeding in public, or say, when visitors drop by to see the baby… Trust me on this one, you want to avoid flashing your father-in-law.


3. The Eclipse by Cotton Rainbow.

This little ditty is a lightweight car seat and stroller cover with weighted corners and a peek-a-boo window. It’s one of those things I didn’t even realize I needed until I already had it. Once I felt up to taking walks with the new babe, it was a champion against the blaring July sun and gusty wind. I also swear it helps her fall asleep since it dims light and blocks out too much outside stimulation. A bitty cotton miracle for this sleep deprived Mama!


Photo by Lauren Guilford



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