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Crabby Cuties!

When our favorite toddlers get cranky, it’s often boredom causing the meltdown. So next time your cutie gets crabby, have this simple craft handy. Meet our CRABBY CUTIES!

You’ll need: a half a paper plate, white & red construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons.

CUT: Bigger kids will love to cut their own plates and paper, but encourage littles to try too. Our red claws are heart shaped, while our white eyes are oval shaped.

COLOR: Simply have your kiddo color the paper plate half as the crab’s hard shelled body.

GLUE: Then glue your crab claws and eyes to the back of the plate. We added blue pupils and a crooked smile to make our Crabby Cutie friendlier.

PLAY: While your crafted cutie dries, practice your own crab walks! Sit down and reach your hands back, now lift your belly button up to the sky. Try walking using your feet and hands as claws. And did you know most crabs walk sideways? Try crab walking side to side too!

Once little hands and bodies are kept busy, the crabbiness washes away and the cuteness comes out to play!

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