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A Crown For All Seasons

Sometimes we find a craft idea that just keeps on giving! This pack of paper crowns has kept our toddlers’ attention for more than a few afternoons. Because why just make one, when you can make A CROWN FOR ALL SEASONS?!

We used Creatology’s Crown Paper Shapes. 6 regal crowns for $3 seemed like a steal. But you can also make your own with extra card stock. There are lots of sample templates online. Just get your scissors ready!

Paint was not an option for our tots who were antsy to wear their latest crown creations. So we stuck to markers, stamp pads, glitter, gems, and stickers. Less drying time means more play time!

We took lots of care choosing which stickers would make for a perfect Summer crown. Baseballs and sparkly fish made the cut. While our pumpkin and football stickers were put aside for a later date.

Encourage kids to decorate their crowns to the fullest! Color the left, glitter the right, add gems to each of the arches at the top. Practice counting as you place each gem down. And don’t forget to let kids peel their own stickers. It’s fantastic fine motor skill practice. Even if you have to start the peel, let you little royal’s hands work hard to do the rest!

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