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Tokens For Teacher!

The new school year is already upon us! It’s a bit bittersweet, but parents aren’t the only grown ups guiding their kiddos anymore. Teachers have become stars in their every day lives as well. Now is the perfect time to encourage your little one to show his or her appreciation with TOKENS FOR TEACHER!

1. Nothing is as sweet as a handmade card. Your little Picasso can decorate the cover with a portrait of their new teacher. Translate a message from little ones who are still learning to write, and let them “sign” their name at the bottom.

2. A gift bag of healthy snacks, vitamins, mini tissues, and mints make for a great “Back To School Survival Kit!” He’ll think of you every time he opens his fully stocked desk drawer.

3. A bitty box of hand sanitizer, mini lotion, and nail polish will make her feel special. Include a manicure gift card for extra pizzazz. Write a message like “Hands Down, You’re The Best Teacher Around!”

4. Make some homemade goodies. It will make for a great after school activity for you and your little one, and a great after school treat for your favorite teacher. Include a message like, “You’re Making Me One Smart Cookie!”

5. A new mug for a new year filled with coffees and teas will invigorate any overworked teacher. He’ll feel jazzed every morning with this practical and perfect gift. Caffeinate to appreciate!

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