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Constellation Creation!

We’ve been doing a lot of star gazing lately. Late Summer skies have us in awe of nature’s evening masterpieces. So we decided to make our very own CONSTELLATION CREATIONS!

All you’ll need is: black construction paper, chalk, tin foil, and glue.

To start, tear little pieces of tin foil for your little to explore. Let them admire the shiny, smooth texture of this new craft material. Then encourage little hands to roll them into shining stars.

Next, plot and plan where on your night sky (black construction paper) to place your twinkling foils. Can your little add some to the top left and right of the page? Bigger kids will love to place them so they create a larger picture/shape. Glue each down.

Give the glue a few minutes to set. Count your stars from afar. A couple off key rounds of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” kept us waiting patiently.

Finally, use your chalk to connect the dots. Now your CONSTELLATION CREATION is complete!

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