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Coffee Filter Butterflies

A toddler’s energy is contagious! Well, except in the wee hours of the morning… So in an effort to keep littles busy (and our sanity) during that pre-caffeine window of time, we’ve enlisted the help of our COFFEE FILTER BUTTERFLIES!

It’s a super simple craft you can do, even half asleep before the sun rises! Simply cut a paper coffee filter down the center. We used #4 cone shaped ones, but a basket shaped one will work just as well.

Allow the kids to create their own design on the wings. We used washable markers in lieu of messy paint and glitter. Challenge bigger kids to create symmetrical art on the two wings. Encourage littles to add different shapes and patterns to personalize their tiny creatures.

Glue a popsicle stick body down the center and add googly eyes for extra fun. Now you can get your cup of Joe ready in peace while your kiddos create their very own morning routine!

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