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The Crazy Creole Mommy Shares Her Top Toddler Nutrition Tips!


Summer is a time when we’re on the go more than ever. And while hot dogs and ice-cream are fun, they can’t sustain or strengthen us or our littles! Well today we are stoked because Brooke Abbott from The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles is here to share her best tips on how to keep your kids eating healthy, even in the more challenging situations! Brooke knows a lot about overcoming obstacles big and small, she’s a single mom conquering an autoimmune disease, all with a healthy and humorous attitude!

Brooke, how can we keep our kiddos eating right when we are constantly on the go? Prep. Prep is the key to life. Prep snacks. You can cut up grapes, carrots and zucchini sticks and place them in a reusable food pouch. I love doing that with hummus that come in single packs.

What about when they’re at Grandma’s or with a babysitter? I love using glass containers with different colored tops. Everyone in the family gets a color! That way dad’s lunch doesn’t get mixed up with mom’s lunch. And grandma will always know where your LO’s lunch is. For me, I wanted to make it easier on everyone. So pre-made food in a designated color container ready to be heated up, was the perfect solution.

How can we not lose our minds playing short order cook when hosting a dinner party where littles are invited? So glad you asked! This is the very reason I creates the dinner party series. Don’t worry about making completely seperate meals for everyone. Create ONE menu and then modify it for all of your guests. Perhaps for the toddlers, you may roast the veggies a little longer or don’t add salt. Less mess and less stress!

Thank you Brooke! For more info, tips, and adventures, follow Brooke at!

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