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Sneak Peek: Mamas & Papas Urbo2 Chestnut Tweed Stroller

Job perk #274: We often get sneak peeks of the latest, hottest baby and toddler gear before it hits the market. This week we got to test run the new 2015 Urbo2 Stroller by Mamas & Papas. We’re fans of this vintage-inspired British line because there isn’t a cheezy primary color or character to be found in any of their collection. It’s chic without being stuffy and they feature all the modern conveniences we need as Moms with a classic throwback look. Our new favorite is the Signature Edition Chestnut Tweed Urbo2. Said with a fabulous faux British accent, naturally!

So first, why we fell in love…. The “tweed” fabric is actually wipeable and accented with a quilted hood and copper accessories. It’s got a fully reversible reclining seat so babe can face you or outward. There is an easily accessible basket beneath to store goodies or go shopping. Plus, as a (slightly paranoid) new mama-to-be, I like the sunshade, insect net, and peek-a-boo window.

Now, why it can be hard to love a Brit… Mainly, the price. This is definitely a high-end stroller with a retail of about $670. So the Urbo2 is not an extra, convenience stroller. Mamas & Papas do offer their new Armadillo XT at a lighter price, but once you’ve gone tweed it’s hard to go back. We have to love our stroller as much as our favorite, go-to purse — Because as a Mom, it’s the accessory we’ll have with us the most, well besides the babe himself.

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