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A More Challenging Choo Choo!

When we can’t pull our toddlers away from their favorite toy, we can try changing up how they use it! One toy can always be used in a multitude of ways to make it more developmentally stimulating.

Today we’re exploring an old favorite, the Toy Train Track, to make A More Challenging Choo Choo!

– Play with color! Connect all of the red trains, then all the green, etc.

– Make a pattern! What if you linked a green then a red then a green — What color would come next? Older toddlers will benefit a lot from starting to build and recognize patterns!

– Never stop counting! Can we connect just two trains? How about three? Four? Have your little count as you go.

– Practice listening skills! Call out Red, Green, or Yellow Light and have your little adjust their trains’ speed accordingly.

– Play with speed! Can your tot practice restraint and drive her train in slow motion? Then try filling up the gas tank and taking a super speedy loop around the track!

– Change direction! Practice going backwards when someone calls out Reverse!

– Go off railing! Why not make your own track together on a large piece of butcher paper? Winding roads and a great view make for one exciting trip!

– Time for a wash! Take your favorite toy outside with a bucket of water and washcloth. Watch your little’s face light up with delight as you get your trains all spick and span!



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