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Raising A Book Lover!

Us grown ups know the value of books and want our our littles to become avid readers! But how do we start our kids off in the right direction when they are still too small to sit still? Here are some quick tips to Raising A Book Lover! 

– Set aside a special reading time each day in a special place in the room. Even if you only get through 5 pages, you’ll be setting up a routine that will quickly become a family tradition.

–  Let your toddler choose which book to read. Even if it’s “Goodnight Moon” for the hundredth time! Repetition is great for little minds, though admittedly a pain for adult ears.

– Ask questions as you go. It keeps them engaged and gets them moving! Can Caleb spot the cow? Can he moo like a cow too?

– Try books on tape in the car. See if your child can practice their listening skills and follow along!

– Visit the library! A giant room full of books is even more exciting than a small shelf of them. Fuel her curiosity with a trip to your local branch for story time.

– Foster an understanding of the words on the page. Let him show you the cover and turn the pages in the right direction. Then use your finger to follow along with the text as you speak it out loud.

– Create a reading chart. Every book you read together earns your little a star sticker, and  stickers are an easy way to keep keep young ones motivated. Watch as your chart fills up!

– Think beyond the book! Grocery lists, scavenger hunt clues, and handwritten letters are all wonderful ways to encourage a love of reading in your toddler!

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