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Encouraging Proper Pencil Grasp

Moms are often concerned when their toddler struggles with a crayon or marker. But proper pencil grasp (using those tripod fingers) is something that comes over time. The best thing we grown ups can do to encourage it, is to lead tots in activities that strengthen their fine motor skills and focus on the hands and fingers. Here are some tips to help you play along!

Bust out the play doh! Rolling, flattening, and creating with play doh uses all the exact muscles we need to strengthen. Add a pair of kiddo scissors and you’ll really be building your little’s skills!!

Work out the hands! Try things like catching and rolling a ball. Keep at it!

Now work a little more closely by helping your LO put coins into a piggy bank slot. Takes concentration and muscle control.

Next practice threading beads or cheerios onto a pipe cleaner for an added challenge!

Don’t forget the fingers! Sing “Where Is Thumbkin?” as a fun warm up. Then try wiggling and tapping each finger individually.

Have some fun tearing up pieces of newspaper and then collaging them onto construction paper as an art activity that doubles as a finger exercise.

Finally, explore clothespins. Have your kiddo practice opening and closing them, picking up cotton balls, etc. It’s a finger workout that will keep them entertained as they grow!

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