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Simple & Sweet Bird Feeder

This is one of those times when playing with your food is completely acceptable! Let’s make a bird feeder so simple & sweet, even the littlest family member will be able to join in on the fun. They make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and also serve as a reminder that Spring is just around the corner!

Gather a handful of cereal Os into a bowl. Then take a pipe cleaner (or piece of twine or string) and let your little ones practice threading the Os onto it. Strengthen fine motor skills, practice counting in different languages, and maybe even sneak a snack together. Older kids will enjoy this activity too by bending the pipe cleaner into unique shapes or letters.

Lastly, twist the two ends of your bird feeder together so it can hang easily. Finding the perfect spot for your feeder on a nearby tree or shrub is almost as much fun as creating it!

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