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Saying goodbye isn’t easy, especially for our kiddos. What may be just a couple hours apart can look like an eternity in their little eyes… But there are some simple steps parents can take to help EASE THE GOODBYE BLUES!


Prepare them in advance! Tell your child multiple times when you are leaving, who will be coming to play with them, when you’ll be back, what you’ll do when you return, etc etc. Details and repetition give them security! Just make sure you are super positive every time you go over the plan. You can even ask them questions and let them respond with the answers you’ve gone over multiple times. This technique assures they’re retaining all the info you’ve given them!

Establish a set goodbye routine! Now that you’ve reviewed how the separate time is going to go, it’s time to keep your farewell short, sweet, and predictable. Acknowledging your tot’s feelings of sadness is important, as is reassuring them that you’ll be back, but then you need to move on your way. Maybe you always share a special bear hug or you kiss the cat on your way out. Just keep it consistent. Then exit with love in a positive, confident that way will show you trust whomever is watching over them.

Mix the familiar with something new! If a babysitter is coming over, make sure your little’s security blanket or favorite toy is nearby. Then plan for a fresh and exciting object or activity to be explored once you’ve gone. A new set of watercolors may be all your kiddo needs to see the babysitter’s visit as a positive experience. At the very least, it will serve as a minor distraction to soften the initial goodbye. Even if your child does cry once you walk out the door, the babysitter will have something specific to bring your LO’s attention back to!



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