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Kite Collage

It’s a brand new year and we are all trying to simplify this 2015! In an effort to organize our own craft drawer, we decided to find a use for all the scrap paper odds & ends we’ve somehow collected over the past 12 months. Clean up and follow along to create your very own KITE COLLAGE too!

1. Make the old new! Gather all the scrap paper bits you have lying around. Encourage young toddlers to rip them into smaller pieces, they’ll love this! Older kiddos will love to practice their scissor skills to make new shapes out of the old ones.

2. Prep & collage! Cut the 4 ends off a rectangular piece of cardstock to create a kite shape. Open glue stick tops for littles and let the collaging begin! Call out shapes and colors as your little one attaches each to the kite. Let kiddos play with layering pieces on top of one another for an even cooler, modern art appeal.

3. Add some finishing touches! Use crepe paper or string and attach it to the back of your kite as a tail. Stickers will also help your Kite Collage stand out as it flies high in the sky!

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