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Little People & Their Pets

Very quickly, an innocent baby can become a toddler terror to your pet! A once adoring dog may not know what to make of this mini person teetering around the house. So here are a few of our best tips to help you keep a peaceful household between LITTLE PEOPLE & THEIR PETS! 

Create a positive interaction for your pup! Give your pet a treat every time he obeys your toddler’s “Sit!” or lets your little brush his fur. Even more so, give him a treat as payment if he patiently puts up with ear tugs and the like!

Avoid rough housing. Chasing, wrestling, and tug of war can all escalate too quickly for a toddler or pet to keep calm. Stay safe by steering clear of these rough games so no one gets confused or hurt. A friendly game of fetch is the way to go!

Exercise elsewhere. If you have a particularly energetic pet or kiddo, let them exercise and expel excess energy before interacting with one another!

Lead by example. Teach your little to never pull something out of a dog’s mouth, to approach from the side, and to use gentle actions.

Designate safety zones! Keep pets out of kids’ bedrooms so there are less issues when it comes to missing toys or sleepless nights. And make one elevated spot in the house off limits to your tot for your pet’s sanity!

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