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Need a last minute gift for someone special? Homemade presents are the most memorable! So instead of shlepping out to the mall, let your kiddos be a part of the gift making process. Here are some quick ideas to get you crafting and inspired!


Use what you’ve got! Take one of your little’s art pieces from the past few months and turn it into a heartfelt token!

1. Make a one-of-a-kind calendar to brighten up a loved one’s desk. Simply remove a set of calendar pages from it’s original backing and adhere it to a large piece of your child’s art. Every day will be a reminder of how much they are loved!

2. Cut a larger piece of art into bookmark size strips for the avid reader in your life. Laminate and then use a hole puncher and ribbon to give your bookmark a colorful tail.

3. Personalize the clear sleeve of a checkbook or passport holder. Just trim down a piece of kiddo artwork to the correct size, then insert it into the sleeve. Voila, a completely unique gift!

4. Construct a kid-made magnet. Cut artwork into small shapes, laminate, and adhere a magnet strip to the back. An artsy yet practical present that will turn any fridge into a work of art.


Put a new skill to work! Whatever your kiddo is learning right now can be what creates your perfect holiday present.

1. Make handmade garland if your toddler has just mastered the fine motor skill of threading. Encourage them to string beads, glittered cereal Os, or pieces of colorful straws onto a long line of thick string.

2. Bake homemade cookies if your little has just become a precision pourer. Measuring cups are a fun way to practice steady hands and start to understand basic math concepts. Add a handmade decal to your cookie tin as a finishing touch.

3. Design a custom journal if your tot has just learned proper pencil grasp. Give them some colored pencils or a few crayons in a specific color scheme and let them go to town decorating the inside and back covers.

4. Create a personalized picture frame with your tiny painting savant. Once paint dries, add glitter and stickers for festive flair! Finally, fill the frame with a photo of both the bitty gift giver and the recipient!

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