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Hanukkah Star Painting

Our Hanukkah Paintings were such a hit in our Toddler Time class, we had to share the How To here! They’re a festive toddler activity and an even more perfect holiday gift. All you’ll need to make your own is: card stock or a mini canvas, thin painters tape, and paint!

Simply cut painters tape into 6 strips, getting ready to make two triangles. Stick one triangle down on the paper and then stick the second triangle upside down. Now get your paint ready! Littles can use finger paints, and bigger kids can use brushes with watercolors.

Use a holiday color scheme or let the rainbow be your palette. Kiddos should paint inside and outside the star, they can even paint right on top of it. Just make sure they cover the entire canvas. After your piece starts to dry, carefully remove the painters tape one strip at a time. Watch as your Star of David magically appears!

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