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Turkey Lurkey!

What’s that Mom? You need a quick, mess-free craft to keep kiddos busy while you prep for Thanksgiving? Turkey Lurkey to the rescue!!

All you’ll need is: A paper plate, glue stick, construction paper, and scissors. Bonus points for googly eyes and tissue paper squares!

Littles will need help cutting construction paper to make:
– a circle for a face
– a triangle for a nose
– 2 rectangles for legs
But big kids will be happy to cut their own pieces!

Twist up the glue stick and kids can get to creating! Start by giving your turkey a full face, then add lots of tissue paper squares (or just construction paper squares) as the turkey’s colorful feathers!

Turkey Lurkey will keep kiddos entertained and help give you time to prepare your own bird for the family feast. Have a delicious and happy Thanksgiving!

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