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Tiny Tot Trees

Washable stamp pads are the latest craze around here. Because even the smallest toddler hands can make fantastic fingerprint art. So in honor of the Fall season and our littlest artists, we present TINY TOT TREES!

All you’ll need to make your own is brown & white paper, a brown marker, and washable stamp pads in any variety of Autumn colors.

You can have older kids draw or cut their own tree trunks and branches. Our students  here used rectangle paper trunks and circular tree tops to create theirs. Once the tree’s foundation is set, it’s time to have fun making all the leaves.

Encourage little ones to dip each finger in a stamp pad to see a variety of print sizes. I also like to encourage them to use their non-dominant hand to stamp too! Get both sides of the brain working. It’s a bit more challenging and a lot more fun!

For even more lovely leaf making, try dipping the ends of Qtips into each stamp pad. The teeny prints will add just the right touch to complete your growing Fall forest!

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