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Family Apple Orchard

After an apple picking adventure, we decided to make our very own Family Apple Orchard. This seasonal craft is a crowd pleaser for Autumn lovers of any age!

Here’s what we used to play: A large piece of white butcher paper, brown construction paper, glue stick, bubble wrap, cotton balls, and washable paints in blue, green, & red.

Start by cutting tree trunks out of construction paper. These can vary in size and “grow” wherever your kiddos wants to “plant” them. Glue them down.

Next, paint your hands green! Use your various handprints to make your tree tops green! Tiny fingerprints in red add delicious apples to your growing orchard!

For a final touch, dip your bubble wrap into blue paint and press it down to create a perfect Fall sky. Cotton ball clouds complete your creation!

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