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Spaghetti Splatter Art

This week we decided to take our art outside and soak up some August sun. If you’re ready to have some silly fun, try Spaghetti Splatter Art before the Summer is done!

A little leftover lunch and a few giant pieces of cardboard were our inspiration. You’ll need: cooked spaghetti, washable paint, and large paper.

First, encourage your little one to explore the slippery spaghetti hands on! How does it look, feel, smell, even taste?

Next, they can swirl the spaghetti strings around in different color paint. We chose a bright pink and a soft orange. You can even mix your own custom shades.

Now your kiddo can use their spaghetti as a silly paintbrush, whirling and twirling around the page. If you have a big enough canvas, toss or plop the spaghetti down too. This method makes for super modern splatter art and the best messy memories!

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