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Recycled Stamp Making!

We can’t stop raving about RECYCLED STAMP MAKING!  Look how easy it is to do, and your toddlers will adore it too!

All you’ll need to play along are some recycled paper towel or toilet paper cores, washable paint, and paper.

Start by exploring the core itself. What color is it? What shape? Does it make a sound? Can you use it as a microphone? Can you peek right through it?

Choose your paper and paint colors. Littles should make each decision. Practice having them choose between two simple options. Watch your little artist’s confidence soar with each decision.

Now you’re ready to stamp! Dip one circular end into paint, then press it wet side down onto your paper. What shape did you make? Repeat with different colors. Next, try gently squeezing your core into an oval shape. After that, dip the middle in so you create a heart shaped stamp!

Fill up your page with the different shapes and colors. Let them overlap for added drama! Just remember to let your new, geometric masterpiece dry before hanging it up at the gallery!

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