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Nature Detectives!

We took a wonderful walking tour last week on our Toddler Camp adventure. Tots explored trees, examined rocks, spied bugs, and much more. To bring some of the fun we had outdoors home with us, we created our own NATURE DETECTIVE ART!

Older kids took white crayons and drew all the different things we found on our hike onto white card stock paper. We helped little ones with this first step. You could barely see the shape of each until you held the page up to the light.

Then we used water color palettes and brushes to paint directly over the faint drawings. What happened next excited all of us. The more we painted, the more the drawings beneath the paint emerged. Sun rays, spider legs, and tree trunks became clearer and clearer!

This type of crayon resist art is easy to do in or outdoors and is a great way to continue your nature exploration even after the sun goes down!

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