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Meet The Melted Snowman!

MEET THE MELTED SNOWMAN! He makes his way into our art room every year at this time.

Christmas in July is the perfect time to celebrate all the fun of the holidays, without any of the stress! No flights to book or shopping to do. Just jingle bells, candy canes, and a craft made for you!…

All you’ll need to make your own is: colored construction paper, scissors, and a mix of washable glue & white paint.

PreCut shapes for a top hat, button eyes, twig arms, and of course, a carrot nose. Or encourage bigger kids to draw and cut their own parts.

Paint your glue/ paint mixture on to a dark sheet of paper. Any white blob will look perfectly melted, it is July after all. Then stick on your precut shapes, in any creative way, to give this Summer Snowman your finishing touch!

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