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Getting An Early Start Appreciating Art!

We believe it’s never too early to start appreciating art! But how do we get those little pair of eyes ready for some big art adventure?

A great way to begin is just to ask “What do you see?” or “What do you notice?” You may be surprised to learn which detail is most captivating to them.

Next, ask them what the story is! If it’s a portrait, ask who the person in the picture is. If there are multiple characters, ask who they are to one another.

If the art is more abstract, start literal and then dig deeper. Ask “What colors do you see?” before asking “How does it make you feel?”

Try your hardest to use open ended questions instead of leading your little to what you believe is the “right” answer. Kids of all ages will love that their opinions are being heard. Especially if you can validate them by saying things like, “I see that too!”

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